IRS Form 4868

IRS Form 4868
An IRS form that must be submitted by individuals who wish to extend the amount of time they have to file their tax returns. IRS Form 4868 should be completed with the individual or married couple’s name(s), address, Social Security number(s), estimate of total tax liability for the year, total payments already made, remaining amount due (if any) and amount being paid (if any).

Also known as the Application of Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Tax Return.

This form extends the due date for filing a tax return by six months and must be filed by the regular due date of your return (which is April 15 for most taxpayers). IRS Form 4868 does not extend the amount of time the taxpayer has to pay his or her full tax liability for the year; it only extends the amount of time allowed to file the tax return paperwork. The remaining amount due (if any) must be submitted with the form.

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